Standort Delphi

standort delphi

Standort Delphi, April 2015, porcelain form, found objects, two brochures, reproducing excerpts of the scientific article The Ancient omphalos at Delphi: geometrically a space-inverting anamorphoscope (P.W. Kuchel in Archaeometry 53, 2 (2011) 387-395), and of a foresight survey conducted by the German Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI): Delphi ’98 Umfrage – Studie zur globalen Entwicklung von Wissenschaft und Technik, Karlsruhe, 1998 (Delphi ’98 survey. Study on the global development of science and technology), Installation view Galerie M, Berlin.

Title image: John Collier: Priestess of Delphi (excerpt).

IMG_0031 excrpt

IMG_9996 excrpt

IMG_0054 detail